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My First Post

Hello. I don't have a name yet. I don't even know my gender yet, so I will refer to myself as [bebe].
I am approx (-7) months old, that is, I will be probably born around April 2007.

This is my blog, and this is my first post.

Until I will know my name, I thought my blog's URL should be * (or, to respect the HTTP standards, . Then, I will move to [my-name]

Today I had my first picture taken. Here it is:

(I am that little peanut in the top left quarter of the image)

Since I know I will be famous, I start helping my parents' blogs by sending some traffic to them: Here's my mom's blog, and here's my dad's.

Deja esti faimos bebe, iti admir parintii, mai ales taticul, asa parinti as vrea si eu. Asteptam sa vina 26 martie, sper sa fi baietel, pana atunci ne mai vedem pe blog.

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